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Sinowell Seedling Heat Mat (10″ x 20.5″)

Sinowell Seedling Heat Mat (10″ x 20.5″)

Temperature is an important aspect of the germination process. This heat mat can be used to provide a boost of heat to help ensure more succesful germination.

This can be especially useful in colder seasons or when the environmental temperature is on the lower side. This product can also help when working with clones.


  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Can be placed under a seedling tray
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Sinowell 3-Way Moisture, Light & PH Meter

This device will help you to easily get an accurate reading of the moisture and PH level of your growing medium, as well as the light level in the grow space.

Moisture, PH and light are all important factors to balance if you want to ensure healthy plants. Use the 3-Way Moisture, Light & PH Meter to determine whether you are watering the right amount, control the PH level and gauge if your plants are getting enough light.

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Sinowell PH Meter

This product allows you to accurately measure the PH, or how acidic or alkaline your growing medium is.

Your plants need a specific PH level in order to absorb the nutrients they need, so maintaining the correct PH balance is vital if you want healthy, thriving plants.

Optimal PH levels ensures vigorous growth, and helps to prevent problems associated with nutrient deficiencies.

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Sinowell Thermometer & Hygrometer – Large Display

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity will help ensure maximum yield and consistent quality of produce. This Large Display Thermometer and Hygrometer will help you do just that.

Getting the humidity of your grow space right is important in allowing your plants to take in the right amount of water and nutrients, and will help to avoid problems such as mold and mildew.

Maintaining the correct temperature will help you to achieve the correct humidity, and will also ensure healthy growth and potent buds.

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Propagation Tray (72 Holes)

This ultra durable, high quality, BPA-free 72 cell tray with drain holes is made to last multiple seasons.

This tray is not flimsy or brittle, and won’t crack or break during transport.

This product allows roots to grow through the bottom and makes a great germination station.

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High Dome Propagator

Dome propagators are very useful for anyone working with germination of seeds.

They help protect the seeds, maintain moisture levels, and create the perfect environment for those seeds to get a great start.

Using a dome propagator helps ensure more seeds germinate successfully, saving you time and preventing wasted seeds.

Can be used with a heating mat.

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Rootbuilder (7 Gallon)

This container is designed with outward facing cones with air holes, which allow for a process known as air pruning.

When the roots grow through the holes into relatively dry air the ends dry out. This natural form of pruning encourages the plant to produce more roots throughout the growing medium.

As more roots reach the air holes and undergo air pruning the multiplication process continues, resulting in a dense, deep root system.

This means your plant will have a better chance of survival, as well as being healthier as they are to able to absorb more water and nutrients.

Overall your plant can benefit from better and faster growth and better yields. Another benefit is that the holes can allow for better drainage.

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