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Rosin Wax Collection Tool Kit

These tools are perfect for collecting rosin and extract. Made from stainless steel, they are durable and rust-proof. Working with sticky extracts and rosins is easy with this kit.


  • 5x double ended stainless steel tools
  • Carry case included
  • Non-stick food grade silicone rosin container included

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The surface of the heating plate is treated to prevent dust and is coated with a high-temperature-resistant anti-sticking layer, which is easy to clean.

This product also features a digital timing display, engineered to ensure the perfect combination of heat, time, pressure and surface area for personal use. Its compact size makes it not only portable, but also a fraction of the cost compared to similar products on the market.

Adopting an Intelligent LCD display thermostat controller, tthe temperature of each heating plate can be controlled individually and accurately within ±10℃. Options to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


The EasyPresso personal rosin press is the most lightweight model in our press line (only 4kg).

Despite being compact, this manual machine generates up to 450kg of pressing force. The press features sturdy construction, a locking lever mechanism, and adjustable pressure.

This model uses 50 x 75mm dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, with temperature controls located at the top of the press.

Portable, sturdy and efficient, it is perfect for personal desktop operating or pressing during travel.


The hydraulic manual rosin press is engineered to extract rosin oil with the application of heat and large pressure for a preset period of time. You can expect a high yield output with even heat distribution and pressure.

This press features dual, thicker element heating plates, touch screen controllers (celsius,or fahrenheit) and allows for adjustable pressure.