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Plastic Measuring Cup (500 ml)

Plastic Measuring Cup (500 ml)

Plastic measuring cups are ideal for accurately measuring nutrient quantities and water, so you can ensure your plants get the exact amount they need.


  • 500ml capacity
R35.00 R28.24

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Sterile Disposable Scalpel

Use this individually wrapped sterilized scalpel for all your plant cuttings needs.

A sterile scalpel will help prevent disease and damage to any plant cutting.

The scalpel is ultra sharp allowing for precise and controlled cutting.

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Bonsai Shears (2.5" Straight Blades)

Use these bonsai shears for trimming, harvesting or removing leaves from your plants.

The long-lasting stainless steel blade features a small tip for precision cutting, and the handle is comfortable and large enough even for bigger hands.

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Precision Pruner (Curved Edge Blades)

This pruning shear is perfect for accurately trimming exactly where you mean to.

The titanium coated stainless steel blade is sharp, durable and won’t rust.

The comfortably-designed grip features a spring mechanism which helps reduce cramping and strain on your hands and wrists while trimming.

This product also features a locking mechanism for extra safety.

R80.00 R64.00

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Pro Tan Grow Bag With Handles (3 Gallon)

Fabric grow bags have many benefits compared to plastic pots. They allow for air pruning and provide better drainage and temperature regulation.

When roots reach the edge of a conventional plastic pot they have nowhere to go, and can end up getting bound together. Fabric grow bags allow roots to be naturally pruned by free flowing air, resulting in a healthier, more expansive root system.

Water is able to drain through the bottom of the grow bag, as well as wick through the sides, helping to prevent overwatering.

The breathable nature of the fabric means that your plants are less likely to overheat.

Fabric grow bags are foldable for easy storage and can also be reused.

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Lighted Microscope Zoom-Lens 60X-100X

This is a compact pocket microscope which provides 40x magnification and LED illumination, so you can closely inspect your plants to monitor their development or locate pests.

This product can help identify problems with your plants so you can take necessary action and prevent potential damage.

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LED Flashlight

This compact, long lasting flashlight features 9 powerful, high-intensity LED bulbs, with 100 000+ hours burn time and uses three AAA batteries (not included).

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