It’s greener where you water it.

Have you encountered the buzz around cannabis distillate recently, and been left slightly puzzled? Have you wondered about how they make that sticky golden oil from cannabis?
Maybe people you know are using cannabinoids to help heal themselves, and you’d like to do the same. But there’s a lot to consider. Are cannabinoids safe? What are the benefits of incorporating cannabinoids in your daily wellness routine? How does one consume cannabis distillate?

If you’re not a complete expert on cannabinoids and cannabis distillate, there’s something for you below. In this article we’ll demystify distillate. Read on so that you can make more informed decisions, or learn how you might enhance your wellbeing.

What is cannabis distillate?

To put it simply, distillate is a highly refined form of cannabis extract. If you want to know the details, the process involves separating compounds with various methods of evaporation and condensation. The result is that golden viscous substance that resembles honey.

Distillates are thought  to be one of the cleanest and purest extracts available. These extracts contain very high percentages of the chosen cannabinoid, such as CBD or THC.  Other minor cannabinoids like CBN or CBG may also be present.

What are the benefits of using distillates?

We’ll get to the benefits of specific cannabinoids in the next section. This section will cover the benefits of using distillates in general, compared to other forms of cannabis.

Due to the refined nature of distillates, they offer high potency and purity without unnecessary plant material. This means that rather than getting an entire flower, you only pay for the active compound you’re looking for.

In general, distillates are useful because they are versatile. You can vaporise them, add them to edibles, or even apply them directly to the skin in a cream or lotion. 

Vaping distillates offers you a more direct and immediate impact, compared to oral or topical methods. This method also allows for more control of the amount you consume.

 Vaping is also an easy and convenient way to work with distillates. Find out how to vape distillates in another section down below.

What are the health benefits of CBD?

In SA CBD is sold as a nutritional supplement, because it is not registered as a medicine. For this reason, we are not allowed to make any claims about the specific ailments CBD might help with.

What we can do, is share some of the growing body of scientific research on CBD, and help you do some research of your own.

Research has shown that CBD may have a wide range of therapeutic properties. Cannabinoids work with our body’s own endocannabinoid system, to help bring balance to our internal processes.

Studies show that CBD could assist with pain relief, insomnia, anxiety and many other conditions. This website links to studies on CBD’s effects on the conditions mentioned above, as well as others including arthritis, heart health, inflammation, and more.

This study indicated CBD’s efficacy in treating a number of conditions in a sample group:

It is worth noting that CBD is non-psychoactive. This makes it an ideal option if you would like to enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids without getting high.

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Is CBD safe?

According to a report from the World Health Organisation, CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans (and animals), and is not associated with any negative public health effects.

Experts further stated that CBD does not induce physical dependence and is “not associated with abuse potential.”

Find that report here.

It must be noted that CBD can rarely cause mild side effects, such as sleepiness, dry mouth, or red eyes. It also has the potential to interact with certain medications. Check with your doctor or research online if you have concerns.

What are the health benefits of THC?

The following study indicates that THC shows some evidence for treatment of conditions including pain relief, anxiety, nausea, and more.

This article highlights some of the potential therapeutic applications of THC, with links to supporting research. Some of the benefits include easing nausea, anti-inflammatory effects, promoting appetite, and promoting restful sleep.


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How to use distillates?

Although there are several ways to inhale or ingest cannabis distillates, we focus on vaping as a consumption method below.

It really couldn’t be easier. You simply insert a distillate cartridge into a battery, and press the button to fire it up. You save time and energy because you don’t have to worry about rolling or any other form of preparation. Our distillate batteries are rechargeable and reusable. We prefer to offer these over disposable varieties because they are much more eco-friendly because they help to reduce e-waste.

The distillate cartridges we offer are made with added terpenes that mimic the flavours of many delicious cannabis strains. You can choose your favourite from classics like Durban Poison, White Widow, OG Kush and more.

What are terpenes? 

Terpenes are organic compounds responsible for the way most plants smell. From fresh, minty notes and spicy, peppery aromas to more citrusy scents. 

Just like in lavender or lemon rinds, terpenes are what give your favourite cannabis strain its own distinctive fragrance and flavour.

In addition, studies are now showing that terpenes may have a range of other properties, from pain-relieving to calming or mood-elevating effects. It is also thought that terpenes contribute to the “entourage effect”, where cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically. When consumed together, these compounds are believed to be more impactful than if they were on their own.

This study explores the potential properties of terpenes and the entourage effect.

What dosage should I aim for? 

It’s difficult to specify a recommended dosage, since there are so many factors involved. Bodyweight, tolerance, and the reason for using the cannabinoid all play a role.

Every person has an endocannabinoid system that is as unique as their fingerprint, which means the amount and potency of a product will interact differently from person to person.

One way of doing it is to start small, and see how you go from there. You can gradually increase the amount depending on whether you see the results you’re looking for, or decrease the dosage if you’d like to extend the lifespan of your distillate.

Bear in mind CBD may take a few days at consistent dosing to truly experience any results.

In conclusion

Now that we have covered what distillates are, their benefits, safety, and how to use them – maybe you’d like to try them for yourself. Choose your favourite from our range of terpene profiles and savour the flavours with our easy to use, rechargeable batteries.

If you feel you’ve learned something worthwhile here, please feel free to share this article with someone who will benefit from it.